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     Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do you play music for all age groups?

Yes, our professional DJs have a huge selection of music to play at your function. All tastes in music can be catered  for on the night. Please refer to our online customer form for details on the various music genres available.

2. How do I book a DJ?

Simply call us to discuss your event in more detail over the phone. Once we've given you a quote and received a completed online form which includes, the function start and finish times, event location, number of people attending  and other relevant details regarding the event then the next step would be to deposit the funds into our back account. For more information please refer to question 4. If you require a callback then please email us with your phone number as well as all the relevant details regarding your function and we'll get back to you with a precise quote over the phone.

3. What areas do you service?

The DJ hire service we provide is based at various locations around Melbourne and we cover all of the Melbourne  Metro Area and surrounding suburbs. If you’re outside the areas we cover, you can still contact us with your enquiry.

4. Is a deposit required for booking?

For most of the functions we do, a minimum deposit of $150 will confirm your booking. If you're celebrating a wedding, please contact us for deposit details and minimum deposit amount.  This can be paid via bank transfer. The deposit must be payed at least 7 days prior to your event. For wedding bookings the deposit must be paid at least 4 months before the function date. Events held at business premises, a business invoice can be arranged. Please contact us for further details and refer to question 20.

5. What are the prices?

Every event is different in nature and our prices vary accordingly. As a top level DJ hire service in Melbourne, our rates are highly competitive for the experience and expertise we are able to deliver to our customers. Please contact us for a discussion, assessment and quote.

6. Do you have a policy on refunds?

Deposit money can be refunded and rescheduled to another date but payment to the DJ for his time and services on the night of the function can't be refunded under any circumstances.

7. How long will our DJ play music?

The amount of hours you want the DJ to play is up to you. The standard time these days for most functions is
a 5 hour DJ package. If the hours are less or more then this can be discussed prior to your booking. If you require
the DJ to go past the standard time of 5 hours then extra hours can be arranged. We get a lot of customer requests for DJ overtime hours and we are always happy to oblige.
8. What time will the DJ arrive to set up?

Your DJ will arrive one hour prior to the scheduled start time of your event unless other arrangements have been
made. The set up takes approximately one hour with a quick lighting and sound test just before your guests arrive. Once the DJ arrives then he will liaise with you "the customer" in regards to setting up the DJ equipment in a suitable area for the night of the function.

9. Does the DJ dress up?

The Disc Jockey will present himself in a smart and appropriate dress code to suit the occasion.

10. Is travel time and set up an extra charge?

There is absolutely no charge for travel time. Our all-inclusive pricing covers travel, set up and pack up time, as well   as performance by the DJ on the night. 

11. Can the DJ play some of our song requests?

Absolutely! Many companies won't allow any requests on the night but we do ask you to fill out a small list of favourite
songs to be played on the night. Please check out our online form for more details regarding any special song requests and genre styles on the night.

12. What equipment do you use?

Our equipment comprises the best brands as preferred and used by nightclubs and pubs for professional entertainment standards. This includes lights, microphones and smoke machines where required, Pioneer mixers and CD players as well as high quality speakers. Our disco lights are sound activated and are of the highest quality. We don’t believe in cheap equipment or short cuts and only work with professional, safe, specialised DJ equipment.  

13. We've been to functions where the music was too loud  
and there were gaps in the music. How do you prevent this?

Background music should be played at a low level so guests can enjoy their conversations. Louder is not necessarily better. Your DJ will always adjust the volume to the appropriate levels for your guests on the night. Throughout the  night, our DJs are planning and cueing up the next songs to ensure a continuous flow of your selected music so there will be no gaps in sound.

14. Does the DJ use the microphone throughout the night?

Where appropriate The DJ does use the microphone during the night for general announcements and to advertise
special events or even wish somebody a happy birthday on the night. We never overuse the mic at any point of time 
as our main focus at the end of the night is the customers needs.

15. Do you have a microphone present at all times for speeches?

Yes of course we do. This is a requirement for all our DJs to have. Keep in mind that most of our customers would 
like to use and share the mic between friends and family come speeches time.

16. If we provide cds on the night, can the DJ play some songs from them?

Absolutely, but keep in mind that we do have an online customer form on or website to fill out before the function date.
It does have a small list of songs to fill out as well as special notes for the DJ on the night. This way we are prepared 
for your function and we don't get any surprises on the night unexpectedly.

17. Does food and drinks need to be arranged for the DJ on the night?

Food and drinks can be arranged on the night by the customer if possible. It would be nice if you could offer something
to eat and drink for the DJ on the night as a kind gesture. Keep in mind that most wedding reception venues will allow a free meal for the DJ on the night. This is industry standard.

18. Will the sound system be loud enough for our function?

Yes the sound system we carry can easily cater for hundreds of people. If you require a bigger sound system for a large scale event then please let us know in advance. We always ask you to fill out the online form on our website as this gives us more information on the number of guests for the night.

19. What happens if it rains and the function is outdoors?

We only setup our DJ sound and lighting equipment under proper shelter e.g marquee and large tents. We never  under any circumstances setup our equipment without adequate shelter and always adhere to Australian standards.

20. When do we pay the DJ for his work?

Once we receive a deposit, then the balance outstanding needs to be payed to the DJ on the night in cash. Please note that we don't except credit cards and eftpos transactions on the night of the event. For further details or questions in relation to payments for the DJ on the night, please contact us on.

21. Is their anything at all the DJ needs from us on the night?

No all of our DJs carry everything on them including a small table to set up on as well as extension cords, lights, DJ equipment etc. We don't require anything from you other than payment to the DJ on the night.

22. If we've booked a Band and DJ together, can the band use the DJs equipment?

No. It's required by each professional entertainer/s that they carry their own equipment to the function on the night. If
the band wishes to discuss setup arrangements with the DJ prior to the function date, then it would be ideal for both to exchange contact details a few days before the actual event.